July 20, 2018


At Rosewell Amplification we continue to work with many professional musicians. Please find a list of our current users below:

Bill Nelson
Be Bop Deluxe
 Freddie Cowan
The Vaccines
 Jamie Cook
Arctic Monkeys

Bill Nelson – Be Bop Deluxe

Rosewell Amplification were please to recieve a Custom shop commission from internationally renoun guitarist Bill Nelson. I have admired Bill’s work since the days of Be Bop Delxue/Red Noise and on to his extensive solo career. I first witnessed Bill play in 1973 when his band at the time Be Bop Deluxe rehearsed in my old school. Around this time the band released their seminal album ‘Axe Victim’.

Bill commissioned one of our Rosewell Bluesmaster Combos which is a nod to the original Fender Bandmaster with added features. Check out the full specification on our Custom Shop Page

Bill was very pleased with the amplifier and had the following to say about it:

“A very nice thing happened a week or so ago. I was contacted by Dave Gascoigne of ROSEWELL AMPLIFIERS. www.rosewell-amps.co.uk
Dave hand builds ’50’s style classic amps that look and sound like vintage models. Models that would normally cost over a couple of thousand pounds. Rosewell amplifiers have all the style and vibe of vintage amplifiers, with the singular, hand-built excellence of high-end boutique American product, but are actually hand made here in the UK, (and in Yorkshire at that,) to a far more realistic price than any equivalent US amp.

The Rosewell custom model I now have sitting beside me here in my studio is, quite simply, a gem. A tweed covered combo, in the style of a mid ’50’s Fender, but with so much more going for it. It has three 10” genuine vintage speakers, (not modern re-issues,) and is all tube throughout. Dave rates it at around 35 watts but it is an extremely loud 35 watts. And sweet as a bell.
Plugging my D’Angelico semi, my Peerless Monarch archtop, my Gretsch White Falcon or my Guild X-500 archtop into the Rosewell produces rich and warm jazz tones that bring to mind the sounds of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass. Just the right tonal balance of lows and highs. Wind the amp up and you get beautifully textured blues and rock tones. Add an overdrive or distortion pedal and the thing screams like a jet-pack angel. A pallette of classic guitar tones in one box.

Now, whilst many fans will have been aware of my enthusiastic use of digital guitar processors for the last 20 years or so, I’ve never ruled out the benefits of a traditional valve amp. I’m not the sort of player who thinks one approach is ‘better’ than another. It’s always a ‘horses for courses’ situation as far as I’m concerned and I try not to draw hard and fast lines (or erect unnecessary barriers,) with technical equipment, or with the music itself. The Rosewell amplifier adds another dimension to my sound palette. An authentic, physical tonality that couldn’t be replicated any other way. There’s a possibility that this particular amplifier, which Dave designed exclusively with me in mind, might be made available as a signature model, literally with my autograph personally added to each one produced. At the moment, Rosewell amps are built entirely by hand by Dave in his workshop. As such, they are made to order, rather than rolling off a factory production line. This means that each amp takes a few weeks to complete, but the wait is very much worth it.”

Jamie Cook – Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic moneys have been clients of mine for a while both servicing and building amplifiers. The unique tone has insired a new generation of musicians to creat classic guitar based music. Rosewell amplifiers were please to recieve another commission build from Jamie Cook who ordered a Rosewell Bluesmaster 30 Combo. This was captured in the famous SOUND CITY studio being used on the bands 4th Album.

  • Custom Built Rosewell Bluesman 30
  • Custom Built 100W Rosewell Head
  • Repair and Service of 2x Selmer Zodiac Combos
  • Repair and Service of Fender Bassman Head
  • Repair and Service of Selmer Bassist Major
  • Repair and Service of Maganatone 15W Combo

Freddie Cowan – The Vaccines

It is great to work with new bands bringing their idea to life and creating them a unique signature tone. I have got to know Freddie from the Vaccines very well over the years and have buil several commissions for him each varying in wattage and speciaifcation. The band were kind enough to invite me along to watch them perform at the Leeds Festival so I could hear the two Rosewell Custom 45W heads in action.

  • 1x Custom Built Rosewell 80W Tweed Twin Amplifier
  • 3x Custom built 45W Rosewell Heads
  • 1x 18W Rosewell head
  • 1x 2×10″ Rosewell Cabinet

Other Bands/Artists I have carried out work for: T-REX | Saxon | The Who | Noel Gallagher | The Killers | imagine Dragons | Cast | Coldplay | The 1975 | Take That | The Wounded Kings and many more…