July 19, 2018


My first interest in electronics came at the age of 7, building radios and various other projects from kits. I also had a keen interest in amateur radio and at 16 I took my first job as an apprentice radio and televison engineeer. throughout my apprenticeship I attended Technical College studying City & Guild 222 Radio and Television Mechanics as well as Valve Theory.

With a keen interest in music and the blues sound of Chicago my interest turned to the Valve amplification market. over the years I have worked on many of the great manufacturers amplifiers including Fender, Marshall, Hiwatt, Vox, Dumble, Masco, Orange, Laney, Gibson as well as many lesser known amplifier companies. This has given me both great experience and knowledge of how amplifier manuafcturers get the BEST tone out of their amplifiers and which configurations work in each environment.

In 2010 I set up the Rosewell Custom Shop and for the first time offered my own designs for sale. Many of my amplifiers are a nod to their famous predecessors but offering high quality hand built amplifiers at an affordable cost. The amplifiers have had interest from many

The new Custom shop range amplifiers also include many modifications to the original designs such as line out, reverb and tremolo, functions which were never made available on the original amplifier but are useful to the modern day player.

Alongside the Custom Shop we are also an authorized CeriaTone Builder. CeriaTone amplifers and kits can be purchased directly through myself and built up to order. for further details please check out the Ceriatone page.

Rosewell also offeres a full repair, service and modification service and have repaired and restored many vintage amplifiers. for further details on this please check out the repairs page.